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Great for restoring and protecting garage doors, brass door handles, copper surfaces, stainless steel BBQs and much more.

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Everbrite Restoration Kit 440 ml

On Back Order

Everbrite Restoration Kit 440 ml.
Everything you need to Restore Aluminium, Anodised or Painted Metal.

This 440 ml kit will clean and restore about 8 square metres of metal, or 110 linear metres of 75 ml window frames.
Everbrite will restore the colour and lustre of faded aluminium, window frames, pool cages, patio furniture, yard art, painted metal ... you name it. All anodised aluminium, powder-coated, or painted surfaces will fade and chalk over time from sun damage. Once they are cleaned, Everbrite will restore the finish and protect the metal from fading again for years. Plus, you can reapply it easily to continue protection indefinitely.

The kit includes: 
440 ml. of Everbrite Clear Protective Coating
110 ml of Biodegradable Concentrated Cleaner
SureLine Applicator with 2 pads
2 Prep Pads
Micro-fibre Towel

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ProtectaClear 110 ml Can

In Stock / Available

ProtectaClear in a 110 ml can is a thin and very tough coating that is designed for use on stainless steel, bare aluminium and other base metals and cover around 2 sqm

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Powder Free Nitrile Gloves

In Stock / Available

Powder free, nitrile gloves to protect you hand against chemicals and abrasives during cleaning.

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Everbrite 440 ml Can

On Back Order

Everbrite Protective Coating in a 440 ml can is perfect for restoring a single garage door or several small items.Covers around 8-10 square metres.

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Everbrite 110 ml Can

In Stock / Available

Everbrite Protective Coating in a 110 ml  can is perfect for small jobs and will restore around 2 sqm of metal.

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MAAS Concentrated Creme Metal Polish 110 gm Tube (4oz)

In Stock / Available

MAAS Metal Polishing Creme 110 gm tube is a concentrated formula can be used to remove residue, rust, tarnish and oxidation from all metals.

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