Everbrite 940 ml Can

$ 164 .95

Your old, faded painted metal will look new again,Unpainted metals will stay looking new again.

*Restore the colour and lustre of faded painted surfaces.

*Protect Metal from Tarnish, Fading,Rust, Corrosion and Oxidisation.

*Metal siding, Storage Doors, Gargae Doors, Painted Signs,Anodised Aluminium, Trailers, Equipment and other metal.

*Keep copper and brass looking new:weather -vanes, Cupolas, Copper Roofs,Copper Gutters,Scupltures and more.

* Seal Rusted Metal to prevent drips and stains.

The 940 ml can of our Everbrite Protective Coating covers around 20-22 sqm and protects against tarnishing, fading, rust, corrosion and oxidation.

Also included in the order are a pair of Nitrile Gloves and an Applicator Pad.

Also available in 110 ml, 440 ml and 3.7 Litre cans, Everbrite is also available in a Satin Finish, offering a slight sheen to your surface.

Product Information

Barcode EB:EBQ
Weight 1.50kgs
Brand Everbrite