Prep Pads (Cleaning Pads)

$ 2 .20

The Prep Pads / Cleaning Pads that are available from Everbrite Coatings Australia are a great substitute for steel wool but they won't shred or splinter.

Washable, reusable and able to be cut and folder, they are great for using with Everbrite cleaning and polishers to remove chalking, oxidation and assist with cleaning your surface prior to applying Everbrite Coating or Everbrite ProtectaClear.

Also suitable for denibbing plastic, defuzzing wood and providing a light final rub after applying Everbrite, they are diverse and can even use them around your home.

Also available in a 9m long roll, allowing you to cut them to your preferred size.


Product Information

Barcode EBC:PP
Weight 25gms
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