ProtectaClear 18 Litre Drum

$ 2,395 .00

ProtectaClear has an impermeable finish that provides outstanding protection against damage caused by corrosion, salt water, salt air, acid rain, pollution, mildew, bird droppings, bleach and more.

ProtectaClear also helps to reduce fingerprints and smudges on all metals.

An 18 Litre Drum of ProtectaClear Coating will protect around 450 sqm, depending on how porous the surface is.

Included in your order of ProtectaClear are a pair of nitrile gloves and an applicator pad.

Also available in 110 ml, 440 ml, 940 ml and 3.7 Litre, ProtectaClear cans for smaller uses.

Product Information

Barcode PC:PC5
Weight 19.80kgs
Brand ProtectaClear