ProtectaClear MATTE Coating 440 ml Can

$ 109 .95

ProtectaClear MATTE has an impermeable finish that provides outstanding protection against damage caused by corrosion, salt water, salt air, acid rain, pollution, mildew, bird droppings, bleach and more.

ProtectaClear also helps to reduce fingerprints and smudges on all metals with our MATTE range giving your surface a flat, matte appearance.

A 440 ml can of ProtectaClear MATTE Coating will protect about 11sqm of metal.

Also available in 110 ml, 940 ml and 3.7 Litre, ProtectaClear also comes in Classic look, which provides the ProtectaClear protection, or SATIN, which gives your surface slight sheen.

Product Information

Barcode PC:PC16-M
Weight 650gms
Brand ProtectaClear