Using Everbrite on Aluminium

Over time, anodized aluminium can fade and oxidize. If you are near to the ocean, or have aluminium on a boat that hasn't been treated correctly, you can also get salt corrosion.

Everbrite is specially formulated to work with painted metals and will restore the colour on faded or stained anodized aluminium and will also protect against corrosion and oxidation. ProtectaClear is a clear formula of Everbrite and is formulated for use on non-painted surfaces or raw metals.

The basic steps for applying Everbrite or ProtectaClear to Aluminium are as follows;

  1. Clean your surface. (Depending on how much oxidation / staining will determine the level of cleaning.)
  2. Rinse down.
  3. Wipe with denatured alcohol.
  4. Apply Everbrite / ProtectaClear.

Cleaning Heavily Oxidized or Stained Aluminium


For heavily oxidized, stained or pitted aluminium, you will require additional cleaning of the aluminium.

You will need;

  • Use a hard sponge (ScotchBrite Blue) or a Synthetic Steel Pad.
    • DO NOT use regular steel wool as this will leave little particles that can cause rust.
  • Non-scratch cleaner mixed into paste (AJAX Powder)
  • Rubber gloves.

To clean your stained or oxidized aluminium, follow these steps;

  1. Mix up a thin paste with your cleaner. You don't want a liquid but you don't want it too thick or else it will be hard to use.
  2. Rinse the aluminium with water. It is important that you wet the surface before cleaning or else you might leave streaks which can be difficult to remove.
  3. Scrub gently with the grain to remove oxidation, dirt and any mold.

Preparing Aluminium


If you are working with painted aluminium, Everbrite Protective Coating will be what you will need. Everbrite Protective Coating has been specially formulated to work with painted metals and will help bring back the original colour as well as protecting against rust, corrosion and oxidation.

To apply Everbrite or ProtectaClear to your aluminium, you will need;

  • All items needed for Everbrite / ProtectaClear as found on the "Using the Everbrite Range" section below.
  • EZ-Prep Concentrated Cleaner / Mild dish soap
  • Microfiber towel / soft bristled car brush for cleaning
  • Microfiber towel for applying
  • Microfiber towel for drying / wiping
  • Denatured alcohol (IsoPropyl)
  • Running water / hose

Prior to applying Everbrite or ProtectaClear, follow these steps;

  1. Wash using EZ-Prep Concentrated Cleaner / mild dish soap using microfiber towl / soft bristled brush, ensuring to remove any residual oils and dust.
    • If washing windows or curtain wall, ensure you completely wash off the soap to avoid spots.
  2. Rinse off with fresh water and make sure that no soap mixture is left on the surface.
  3. Wipe the surface with denatured alcohol to remove fingerprints or residue.
  4. Wipe dry with a microfiber towel.

Once you have prepared your surface, you can follow the directions for Everbrite and ProtectaClear as found in the "Using The Everbrite Range" below.

You must apply Everbrite / ProtectaClear immediately after cleaning with denatured alcohol and cleaning. If you leave the surface for a day overnight, dirt and grim may build up on the surface and impact the bond between the metal and Everbrite / ProtectaClear.

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