Using Everbrite on Brass

Everbrite ProtectaClear is specially formulated to work on non-painted metals including brass.

Brass is a great metal and has inherent antimicrobial effects, meaning that it will kill off and keep a wide range of harmful microbes away from the surface. This makes them great for door handles and any surfaces that a handled or touched often.

Like most metals though, brass can stain and suffer from oxidation. If the brass was covered with a lacquer and this has worn away, it can also leave a spotty appearance.

After you have cleaned your brass, you can protect it in the future from staining and tarnishing to keep it looking like you just polished it.


Cleaning and Preparing Brass


Before you get started on cleaning your brass, you should first run a small test to see if the brass is sealed with a lacquer. You can test for coatings using the polish and if it appears to clean with just polish, no lacquer is present.

To clean your brass, you will need the following items;

  • 3 x Microfiber towels
  • MAAS Concentrated Creme Polish
    • You can use Brasso however this is acid based and will require neutralisation before applying ProtectaClear
    • EZ-Prep Cleaner or Baking Soda with water can be used to neurtalise.
  • If coated with a lacquer, you will need Xylene / Lacquer Thinner
  • Denatured Alcohol (IsoPropyl)

The steps for cleaning your brass for use with ProtectaClear are as follows;

  1. Remove any old lacquer or coatings with Xylene / Denatured Alcohol. Wipe dry.
  2. Polish with MAAS Concentrated Creme Polish
    • If an acid based polish such as Brasso is used, you will need to neutralise the brass.
    • Mix up EZ-Prep Cleaner in a 1:6 ratio or 1cup of baking soda to 3.5L of water and rinse.
  3. Wipe clean with Denatured Alcohol to remove any remaining residue and dirt.
  4. Apply ProtectaClear as per directions. Two coats are recommended for brass with a 1 hour dry between coats.

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