Using Everbrite on Copper

Our Everbrite Protective Coating range, including the MATTE and SATIN variants, are suitable for use on Copper Surfaces, including weathervanes, copper rangehoods, copper jewelry and even copper gutters and roofing.

When working with Copper, it is recommended that you clean the surface and give it a good polish before applying Everbrite.

This will ensure that you are protecting a clean surface and not locking the tarnishing or fading in.

Ensure you read all steps before commencing working with HD Gel Copper Cleaner and prior to starting work with anything copper.


Using Everbrite HD Gel Copper Cleaner


When working with the HD Gel Copper Cleaning, avoid working in direct sunlight if possible. If working with a large surface, such as a copper roof, it is recommended that you wash the surface first with regular dishwashing liquid to remove any build up of dirt or grim.

It is important to ensure that the surface is clean and free from dirt and mold prior to commencing work with HD Gel Copper Cleaner or Everbrite.

  1. Determine if the copper has previously had a coating applied to the surface.
    • Put a small amount of HD Gel Copper Cleaner on the surface (about the size of a drink coaster).
    • Wait 1 hour and wipe of the gel with a damp cloth.
    • If the tarnish did not change at all, there is most likely a coating on the surface.
    • The previous protectant must be removed and can be done using a sander or with a stripper or solved. (Xylene or Lacquer Thinner)
  2. Liberally brush the gell onto the copper to about the same thickness you would apply for a coat of paint.
    • You can make a thinner solution by mixing a small amount of water with your HD Gel Copper Cleaner.
  3. Leave to sit for at least 1 hour. For heavily tarnished copper, you can need to leave it on for 3 - 5 hours or more. It is important that the gel does not dry up and you can mist with water using a spray bottle or you can dip a brush in water and gently agitate. If the gel dries, it will become ineffective.
  4. About an hour after applying, check a few areas with the scrubber pad to determine if the cleaner has started melting the tarnishing enough for it to be scrubbed off.
    • If the tarnish is hard to remove, you can leave it on for longer.
    • If your copper is brand new, do not scrub the surface as this may scratch it and ensure you simply wipe away with a soft cloth.
  5. When the tarnish has been loosened, thoroughly scrub the surfcae using a non-scratch pad in the direction of the copper grain. DO NOT go round in circles as this might creating swirling and / scratch marks. Normally the grain will be vertically aligned but look closely at the surface to determine the direction.
  6. Remove the gel and any dark residue with a soft cloth or paper towels.
  7. Mix the EZ-Prep Neutralizer with 4 parts water OR mix 1 cup of baking soda with around 3.5 - 4L of water. Rinse the copper one section at a time using a sponge or cloth.
  8. After neutralizing, rinse the surface thoroughly with plan water and towel dry.

The HD Gel Copper Cleaner will remove tarnishing from copper but it will not polish it.

If a high sheen is desired, polish your copper with a good copper polisher of your choice after it is cleaned.

You can now apply 2 coats of Everbrite Protective Coating to your copper to keep it looking shiny for years to come.

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